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Selling has changed over the past 5 years. That is why Top Line Systems in East Greenwich, RI has partnered with ASLAN Sales Training and Development as a Certified Sales Training Partner. For over 20 years we have helped manufacturing  companies to improve the skills of their sales teams. Now, we offer the most innovative sales training for manufacturing available on the market today.

What We Do

Information overload and increased workloads can make it difficult for sales teams to grow business with their existing customers. At the same time, new customers are increasingly unreceptive to sales calls and sales pitches. With this type of landscape change, it is no wonder that 57% of sales teams will miss their sales quota each year.

Top Line Systems, with over 20 years of experience with revenue growth strategies in the manufacturing sector, can help. As a Certified ASLAN Sales Training Partner, Top Line Systems delivers the sales training manufacturing teams need to keep up with the changing sales environment.


Sales Challenges

Sales teams are often faced with a variety of challenges as they try to grow existing accounts and acquire new customers. The addition of technology only increases the rate at which those challenges grow and evolve:

  • 42% of sales representatives struggle with prospecting.

  • 57% of salespeople miss their sales quota each year (Forbes).

  • 120% decline in customers' desire to work with sellers to evaluate solution    (McKinsey).

Continuous improvement in the sales role is required to keep sales teams relevant in this fast-changing environment.

A Different Approach

Some sales training programs focus on capabilities and tactics to be learned and deployed. While these capabilities are necessary, they don't help the sales person if the customer or prospect is unreceptive to the sales call.

Top Line Systems delivers ASLAN Sales Training, which focuses on converting the unreceptive prospect or customer. This helps your team bring more new prospects into the pipeline and gives them more opportunities to close. 

Why Choose Us

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Tailored To Your Organization

We understand no one likes on-size-fits all training. Our professional staff has adequate knowledge about manufacturing and we work with our Partners at ASLAN Sales Training and Development to fit our program to your team.


Training for the Whole Organization

We offer programs for your inside sales team, field sales team, sales managers and executive management. 


Sales Expertise

Top Line Systems brings real manufacturing/industrial sales experience. We speak your language. We speak your team's language. We understand your market.

What We Offer

We can give you a hand if your investment thesis is based on increasing sales. We bring the sales training for manufacturing and 1-to1 coaching sales teams need to update their process and adopt new technologies.

Program Growth with Acquisition
As you grow through acquisition, having a sales training program that can unite sales teams becomes increasingly important. Our program offers a common language for all, a process that spans inside sales, field sales, sales managers and executive management. 

We work with CEOs and business owners that are looking to support their sales team with the continuous improvement focus they have for operations.

Top Line Systems - ASLAN Approach
Our sales training for manufacturing is optimized for the complex sale with multiple buying influences. We have programs to train all customer-facing roles. If you are interested in creating a Customer-First culture where everyone is responsible for serving customer needs, we can help.

Effective Collaboration
Training needs to be relevant to be effective. We work with our clients to ensure that the sales training program is tailored to fit your organization and processes.

Coaching for Sustainment
The ROI on sales training comes from effective training, deployment and sustainment. Practice, reinforcement and coaching, after sales training efforts produces ROI. Top Line Systems offers manager training and follow-up coaching assistance to support sustainment of all training programs.