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Helping manufacturing & industrial companies find more potential customers

Industrial Sales Management Services You Can Trust

It is hard to balance today’s customer emergencies with the long-term pursuit of new business. That is why Top Line Systems in East Greenwich, RI is here to help. For almost 20 years, we have been assisting manufacturing & industrial companies to find more possible clients and increase their sales.

What We Do

Companies get comfortable with their customer base. Finding new customers takes different skills and needs a sustained effort over weeks, months, or even years.

At Top Line Systems, we have sales experts that can develop prospects for your business and nurture them until they are ready. We also provide you with real sales opportunities when it is time to engage them.


Sales Challenges

Sales teams are often faced with a variety of challenges as they try to acquire more potential customers. Based on a reliable survey, here are the factors behind unsuccessful sales strategies:

  • 42% of sales representatives struggle with prospecting.

  • 39% of salespeople intended to go into sales as a career.

  • 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

  • 90% of first-time voice mails are never returned.

  • 85% of prospects and customers are dissatisfied with their on-the-phone experience.

Given the report, you can trust that we understand what you need. We ensure to provide you with effective solutions to help you achieve your goals.

A Different Approach

Some industrial companies use manufacturer’s representatives. Utilizing them is an approach that has been around a long time. Often you pay nothing up-front, but if successful, you will have to pay a commission on all sales going forward.

When doing business with us, you do not have to worry about dealing with expensive propositions and long-term commitments. We provide you with a steady stream of sales opportunities at a fixed price.

More than handing over leads, we can help you learn your prospect's buying process, pricing benchmarks, annual category spending, and competitive landscape. You can be sure that we work closely with your sales and quotation team, and we’ll help them get more positive results from their efforts.

Why Choose Us

Stainless steel drill bits

Real Conversations

We understand no one likes scripted calls. Our professional staff has adequate knowledge about manufacturing. That is why you can trust that we can have actual conversations.


Flat Fees

Our job is to help you get ongoing business for a flat fee. We assure you that there are no ongoing commissions to pay.


Sales Expertise

We don’t use forms to help you with your sales management. Our experts navigate complex buying organizations in today’s industrial supply chains.

What We Offer

More than half of our customers are private-equity-owned industrial businesses. You can be sure that we work in the direction of the appropriate executive at your portfolio company. We bring a full complement of inside sales capabilities but we are lightweight on the profit and loss.

In addition, we can give you a hand if your investment thesis is based on increasing sales. We coach sales teams to update their process and adopt new technologies.

CRM Adoption
We believe that you cannot improve what you do not measure. That is why customer relationship management (CRM) is important as it is the starting point for improving sales effectiveness. We can help you operate your business by using Salesforce CRM. If your team is using the same software, we can form a great collaboration.

Our team is also familiar with other CRM solutions in the market. We can say that the secret is in our process and not in the tool.

Sales Process
We identify and develop sales prospects until they are ready to buy. At that point, it is all about engaging the customer with the right offering. You can depend on us in coaching your team through the proposal process and advising them on closing the deal.

Top Line Systems is a consistent force multiplier that provides a steady stream of opportunities at a fixed monthly cost and no long-term contracts. We work with CEOs and business owners that are looking to grow revenue with predictable costs and proven results. You also have a lot of options for adding to your sales capability, ranging from direct hires to independent reps.

Top Line Systems Approach
Our system has proven successful in creating new business transactions for manufacturing companies over the long term. Selling standard products or commodities is very different from selling engineered products to sophisticated original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

That is why our approach is optimized for the complex sale with multiple buying influences. We excel at selling into aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and other advanced supply chains.

Effective Collaboration
Sales do not happen with a single phone call or appointment. We believe that a systematic process for tracking and following up with prospects is important and we provide you and your team with solid information so responses are timley and professional. Our client portal provides visibility into which leads we are tracking and when they are ready for your sales team to jump in.

Mentoring Sales
For your business to run smoothly, it is necessary to have a predictable and growing pipeline of sales prospects. Our experienced team can share our tips and suggestions with client companies as we work together to find and close business for you. We have been selling industrial products and manufacturing services for more than 25 years and we have learned a few things along the way. You can trust us to meet your expectations.

Managing business sales is a tough job these days. The old techniques are less effective than they used to be. In addition, fashionable approaches for new lead generation do not work with industrial businesses. At Top Line Systems, we ensure to help you supplement your current capabilities.

Lead Generation and Opportunity Management
We can help you qualify leads from your marketing programs and exclude the ones you do not need. Some clients acquire our services to follow up on old quotes to stimulate interest. With our extensive industrial database, we can dial in just the right focus for you.

Increase Sales Rep Efficiency
We have a methodical process that can help you keep in touch with prospects over the long term. This increases the time that your sales reps spend on selling and reduces their waiting time.

Effective Reporting Tools
We use CRM for everything we do, making sure that every touch is captured. If you also use a CRM, we can pass the opportunity with the history along with it. We can also provide you with full visibility into our progress. Our client portal is available on your desktop browser, as well as your phone or tablet to help you in keeping on top of your business easily.