Service Offerings

Top Line Systems now offers 3 different service levels to meet the needs of a wider range of customers. All services include industrial sales experts working on your behalf. Each is offered at a fixed monthly rate with no ongoing fees or commissions.

BASIC is designed for smaller firms that need help with creating target lists and keeping in contact with qualified prospects until they are ready to buy. Access to the TLS client information portal is available for an extra charge for mobile & desktop access to lead information and reporting.

ADVANCED is our most popular offering and is based on our traditional service. It addresses mid-sized firms with multiple sales people and a need for more leads. TLS will also qualify and follow up on lead sources from marketing campaigns and past sales prospects. Our industrial sales experts are also available to provide strategic advice to your sales team and management. Access to the TLS client information portal is included as standard.

ENTERPRISE is for larger firms with multiple business units or divisions. This option offers a cost-effective way to bring added sales expertise to several divisions or the entire corporation. Sales campaigns are targeted at the needs of individual business units but gain the leverage of the entire organization.

On Demand Options

Over the years, we’ve developed unique expertise in helping suppliers find new customers – and connecting buyers with qualified suppliers that meet their technical and commercial specifications. Even though our services are provided on a month-to-month basis, customers stay with us for about three years on average, some much longer.

Top Line Systems fills an important need – helping manufacturing companies build and sustain customer acquisition capability.

We have also come to realize something else – not everyone needs our skills all the time. In order to bring our services to more companies committed to taking steps to grow their business, we created our On Demand offering. The addition of this offering enables us to deliver as much or as little support as needed, when it is needed.

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