Top Line Systems: Our Story

The manufacturing industry isn’t about any one company, or one type of company. The products we all take for granted everyday are built by many different companies, both large and small, in an amazing process of buying & selling to each other.

Each link in this complex “supply chain” represents individual companies agreeing on materials, specifications, and manufacturing processes. These products reach their ultimate customers as cars, aircraft, electronics, or any of the other millions of products used today.

At the heart of the supply chain is manufacturers finding each other and agreeing to do business. In 2001 David Piacitelli recognized that the way companies had been “selling” was going to change. No longer was the “good ‘ole boy network” going to be good enough as concepts like lean manufacturing were taking hold on the factory floor. So, he founded Top Line Systems to help companies improve their sales processes and grow top line revenue.

Since its founding, Top Line Systems has been helping small and mid-sized industrial and technical manufacturing companies grow their revenue through focused sales efforts on sales processes and results.

Our Philosophy

Sales is not a single effort.  It is a combination of efforts, placed strategically together, and continually managed to produce a single result – INCREASED TOP LINE REVENUE.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness

Manufacturing companies need new sales to sustain and grow.  We are here to help you achieve these goals with successful sales programs that support your company long term.

Top Line Systems has a wide range of offerings to fit smaller firms with a single sales person to multi-division enterprises with many sales people.

Many of our customers are private-equity owned companies looking to bring modern sales processes into their organization. Business owners call us in for much the same reason. Even experienced sales managers bring in Top Line Systems to offload their front-end prospecting and free up experienced sales people to close business and deliver great customer service.

David Piacitelli

David Piacitelli

Founder & CEO, Top Line Systems Inc.

That’s our story. We’re proud of our manufacturing heritage and our record of helping companies that make things grow their business.

We’d like to hear about your story, and how we can work together to help grow your business.

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